Are you frustrated because your music is not getting the reaction you thought it would?

The problem might not be with your music.
The problem could be your RECORDINGS.

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

  • Your music submissions are not getting forwarded or placed, even though you've spent hours in the studio. And you often get dinged for "not broadcast quality." 
  • You've spent a ton of money on all sorts of expensive recording gear, but your recordings still don't sound like it!
  • Your music isn't bringing in the amount of income you want. And your significant other reminds you of that fact... All. The. Time.
  • You're just getting into recording, and you're already confused & overwhelmed by all the "geek speak." You just wish someone could tell you what to do in plain English! 
  • Or you've been recording for years, but you're "stuck in a rut." Your recordings all sound the same. You're bored or uninspired. And you just need a fresh perspective to help you amp things up.

If you recognize yourself in one or more of these scenarios, you are NOT alone. The good news is, you can FIX them all!

What's The Problem,
And How Do I Fix It?

Let's face it. The music industry has changed.

Regardless of whether you're an indie artist or a film/TV composer or simply just a musician with a passion, you've got to be able to make quality recordings of your music if you want to compete in today's market. And if you're like many musicians, you want to save time & money by doing the recording your own home studio.

The good news can totally do that! Recording equipment and software is WAY more affordable than it used to be, yet it can deliver professional-quality sound.

So, why don't your recordings sound as good as the gear demo you heard at the music store?

Believe it or not, the source for many of the issues above is on the front end of the music production process, where the music is first captured.

Think about it: even if you're a wiz at mixing and mastering, your final result can only be as good as how it’s recorded in the first place. Yet many musicians (and even some producers and engineers) gloss over this part and/or don't realize that their initial tracking mistakes are causing issues down the line.

And perhaps even more ironically, the front end is the one area that seems to be the most neglected in today’s “audio education” world, too.

You’ve probably come across a lot of “recording” courses that talk about which buttons to click to use automation in a specific DAW, or which plug-ins to throw on a mix, or which virtual instrument library to use. In other words, they encourage you to buy a lot of gear you don't need, and talk a LOT about the “downstream” or “back-end” parts of the music production process – about manipulating recorded tracks that already exist.

But how many of them actually talk about – and show youhow to get professional results right from the beginning, where it counts the most?

Well, that's exactly what my Recording Turbo-charge online program is all about:
getting it right on the front end.

And I know from experience that if you do get it right on the front end, everything that follows will not only sound better, it will also take a LOT less time and effort.

​But you know what? I'm getting ahead of myself.

Let me back up a second...

What's a "Fett"? 

For those of you who don't know me yet, let me introduce myself... 

My name is Fett.

That's it. Just one name... Fett. 

I'm a 30-plus-year veteran of the music industry. I'm a musician and songwriter, but mostly I'm an independent record producer and engineer who specializes in women clients. In that capacity, I've played a role in more than 50 albums and many hundreds of demos and single-song recordings in many different genres and for many different markets​ all over the world. I've worked with both major-label and indie artists. My recordings have been played on radio and been used in film and TV.  So, that's how I've gained the bulk of my experience.

But there are two things that make me different from a lot of other producers and engineers...

First, for seven years I was the Technology Editor for the prestigious Performing Songwriter magazine. That role allowed me to get my hands on, try out, and write about every kind of music gear imaginable. I also was privileged to interview a lot of world-famous producers and engineers, and write feature articles about them and their craft. 

Being a Technology Editor at a major music-industry magazine was where I learned that it's actually not about the gear; it's about how you use the gear that ultimately makes the difference in the quality and emotional impact of music productions. And that applies to every step in the process, from recording, to mixing, to mastering.

The second thing that makes me different from many other producers and engineers is that I'm also a professional teacher and an RHI-certified coach, again specializing in women students and clients.  In fact, I'm the host of the Empowering Women In Audio hands-on music production clinics that are taught exclusively to women. 

Throughout my career, I've always made it a point to share my knowledge with others. I've helped both amateur and pro musicians, engineers and producers to set up and use their own studios and to record, mix and master their own projects. ​I've taught at the Nashville Songwriters Association (NSAI), Belmont University, SAE Institute, the TAXI Road Rally and I've developed my own online training programs about music production. I've written a popular book, called Fett's Mixing Roadmap: A Step-by-step Guide To Mixing Music In The Studio. And I've coached a lot of private clients through all aspects of their music production careers. 

One thing that my clients and students tell me over and over again is that I am able to explain music production and technology using straightforward, non-technical, non-geeky terms.

Don't get me wrong... I can get geeky if you want me to! But I can also explain things in plain English. So anyone can understand.​  My style of teaching is supportive, encouraging and fun. I will NEVER "cop an attitude" or talk down to you.

Ever Wanted to
Look Over a Pro's Shoulder?...

There used to be a process in the recording industry called “apprenticeship.” Up-and-coming recording engineers and producers would learn from experienced mentors, who would teach them their secrets, tricks, tips and techniques over a period of time. Through this time-honored rite of passage, the less-experienced learners would work their way up the ladder, and eventually become mentors themselves, to new apprentices.

Well Folks, those days are long gone.​

So if you’re an independent artist, songwriter, film/TV composer, recording engineer or producer today, where do you go to learn all of that insider knowledge that you would have gained in the past through apprenticeship?

Well, you could spend countless hours scouring the Internet, watching YouTube videos and reading interviews with the greats, hoping for crumbs of insight.

Or if you’re super-fortunate, you might even get to meet with some experienced professionals and pick their brains a little.

But, it could take months or years for you to piece together all the information--not to mention the trial and error of doing it yourself--to make your recordings sound as good as the pros. And who's got that kind of time?!

Fortunately, there's another (and better) way:

I designed Recording Turbo-charge specifically to fill the gap left behind by the loss of studio apprenticeships.​  Using today's Internet, audio, and video technologies, you can now take part in a "virtual apprenticeship" with me, watching over my shoulder and seeing everything unfold in vivid detail... just as if you were there in person. 

In this intensive self-study program, I walk you step-by-step through the entire front-end recording process, and teach you specific, pro recording techniques and skills that you can use immediately in your own studio and music productions.

This program is 100 percent "platform independent." You do not have to have ANY specific DAW recording software or any other specific model of gear. So whether you use a Mac or Windows, or Pro Tools, SONAR, Audition, Logic, GarageBand, Cubase, Nuendo, MixCraft, Studio One, or even a traditional console and outboard recording gear, you will be able to use ALL of the techniques taught in this program in YOUR studio and on YOUR equipment.​

This program is not about fluff or skimming over the top level. From the very first module, we roll up our sleeves and dig in with both hands.

It's also not a re-hash of what you can find in your gear's user manual or online tutorials from gear manufacturers.

It's an in-depth, immersive focus on RECORDING chops - not mixing or mastering (those are covered in separate, equally in-depth programs that I teach).

Here's an outline and sample of what's covered...



In Section One, you'll set the stage for the upcoming sections by creating a benchmark recording that you'll use throughout the course.  I discuss the importance of your studio setup and environment. These considerations will affect everything you do in your studio. So, it's important to get it right from the very beginning.

Sample topics include...​

  • Today's Recording and Music Production Realities
  • Fett’s “Clean Recording Philosophy”
  • Pro Secrets, Busting Myths and Favorite Sayings
  • Monitor Positioning and Calibration
  • Electrical Considerations
  • Creature Comforts: Seating
  • Your First Assignment: Recording Your Benchmark Recording



Section Two is a favorite of many students because in this section I talk all about microphones! It includes a downloadable list of my favorite mics and features several live demos of the critical-but-often-overlooked process of setting levels and gain staging. By the end of this section, you'll have a thorough understanding of mics and how to use them effectively in the studio, as well as the knowledge to achieve optimal volume level going to your tracks.

Sample topics include...​

  • Primary Mic Designs and Variations: Dynamic, Condenser, Ribbon and USB 
  • The Affordable Mic Revolution and What It Means To You
  • When (and When Not) To Use Mic Features and Functions: Polar Patterns, Low-frequency Rolloff and Proximity Effect
  • Mic Placement & Usage Tips
  • Choosing The Right Mic For The Task At Hand
  • What Is Gain Staging and Why Is It Important?
  • Where and How to Set Optimal Levels: Analog Front End, Interface, and Software



In Section Three I dive into specifics for getting the best sound out of acoustic guitars, electric guitars, upright bass and electric bass. 

Sample topics include...​

  • Prep, Mic Selection, and Finding the "Sweet Spot"
  • Mic Placement and Gear Settings for Recording Acoustic Guitar
  • Mic Placement and Gear Settings for Recording Electric Guitar
  • Pro Tips for Recording Electric Guitar
  • A Live Demo of Bass Amp Mic Placement
  • Recording Acoustic, Upright (Double), and Electric Bass
  • BONUS: Thinking Like a Session Bassist



Section Four is all about getting the most out of recording lead and background vocals. Vocals are the centerpiece of most recordings, so getting them absolutely right is top priority -- so much so that I devote the entire section to just vocals. 

Sample topics include...​

  • Vocal Recording Accessories
  • Vocal Preamps, Compression & EQ
  • Prep and Session Tips for Lead and Background Vocals
  • Production Tips for Lead and Background Vocals
  • Vocal Tuning Crash Course
  • Vocal Recording Setup Demo
  • Vocal Performance Tips & Techniques



Section Five delves into techniques for recording acoustic pianos as well as electronic (MIDI) keyboards and virtual instruments. 

Sample topics include...​

  • Miking an Acoustic Piano, including a Live Demo
  • Phase Cancellation and the 3-to-1 Rule
  • Interesting Piano Recording Products
  • MIDI and Audio Cable Hookup
  • Pro Tips for Recording Electronic (MIDI) Keyboards
  • Getting the Most Realistic Sounds From Your MIDI Keyboards & Virtual Instruments



In Section Six I teach all about recording drums and percussion, and meet live in the studio with a pro Nashville session drummer. 

Sample topics include...​

  • Drum Mic Selection & Placement
  • Interesting Drum Recording Products
  • Gear Settings When Recording Drums
  • Pro Tips for Working with Click Tracks
  • Live Drum Miking Demo with Ace Session Drummer Chip Abernathy
  • Additional Resources and Bonus Material, including info from two session drummers
  • Percussion Recording Overview & Miking Demo

What People Are Saying...

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“worth 10 times what we paid...”

“Fett, all you have shared with us is worth 10 times what we paid for this program! So glad I took this course.

Beth Kille

“ excellent program!... I LOVED it!”

“Recording Turbo-charge is an excellent program! Even though I've been messing around with recording for 40 years, I learned so much. Fett has a real knack for explaining complicated, geeky stuff in simple terms. The modules were all extremely informative and provided insight into Fett's pro recording engineer knowledge, approach, and thought processes. I was glued the whole time. 

Donna Whitmore
Thurmont, MD
John Doe UI/UX Designer

So, How Does It Work?...

My Recording Turbo-charge Program is available on-demand, RIGHT NOW.  Here's what you can expect...

Master-class Level Instruction.
Recording Turbo-charge isn't a surface-level skim of recording basics. It's a comprehensive, real-world, in-depth examination of every step of the front-end recording process.

Video Lessons Delivered Online.
Each section's lessons are available to you in video modules that you can access with any secure network connection. But you don't have to be available at a specific day or time to be "in class." Instead, you can watch each video on your own time and at your own pace.

Hands-on Exercises.
The best way to really learn something and make it stick is to do it yourself. So, various modules also include suggested exercises that relate to the module's material so you can try out the techniques for yourself and reinforce what you've just learned. 

Online access ALL Materials for At Least One Year. Or download them FOREVER.
Don't have time to keep up with all the videos right now? No worries. Even after you've gone through the course in its entirety, you'll still be able to access ALL of the materials for at least one year. Watch them as many times as you want.​ And if you want lifetime access, all course content is 100% downloadable.  You can keep all of it, FOREVER.

Downloadable Recordings of Previous Live Q&A Calls
In previous, "scheduled" versions of this course, I conducted periodic live, group Q&A calls, where students asked me questions and had them answered in real time. Just because you didn't attend those calls, it doesn't mean you can't benefit from them as well.  I recorded every call as a high-quality MP3 file, and I've made them available to you for streaming or download.  (You're welcome.)

Private Facebook Forum.
You'll also be granted access to a private Facebook forum set up just for students of this program. This is a great place to share tips, ask questions, compare notes and generally communicate with your peers.​

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What Some More Students Are Saying...

“ accelerated the learning process”

“In a fast paced world where we want the answers right away, the information in Recording Turbo-charge really made me sit up and focus immediately on the way I should be thinking about recording. And it accelerated the learning process so I could work out answers really quickly that previously had taken years. So much of it was simplified into layman's physics and the logic of sound. It was exciting watching all of this coming together as I applied it in practice.”

G. M.
Los Angeles, CA
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

“Best guidance...short of years of apprenticeship.”

“Kudos to you for an amazingly great presentation and body of material...You are providing the best guidance on recording that anyone could receive, short of years of apprenticeship. I've very much enjoyed many of your personal "pointers" and "secrets" that you've gleaned over the years... Thanks!

Bob Lantis
Asheville, NC

“...this course...was a game changer for me.”

“I'm writing to tell you that I've already gotten my money's worth out of the course, just from your excellent sections on microphones and recording guitars. The acoustic guitar on my reference track was recorded using an EV CS15E with the OMNI capsule. After going through the mic module, I switched to the CARDIOID capsule. Then, I re-recorded the acoustic guitar using your mic placement suggestions and added a second mic. All I can say is, WOW!

Before taking your Turbo-charge program I was flailing in the dark on microphones, recording techniques, level setting, even how to set up my monitors. Now I can do a credible job of recording in my home studio, whereas I couldn't before. 

Thanks for teaching this course. It was a game changer for me. I loved the class and learned a lot. I can't imagine working as a songwriter without the Turbo-charge background.”

Spoon Dickey
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

“...brilliantly laid out, presented and taught.”

“Before taking Fett's Recording Turbo-charge I was very much a beginner. I had been messing around with recording for about two years but was never really sure how it should be done. I learned an awful lot here that you simply wouldn't get in other courses. I mean, the module on mics alone is a goldmine. There is an incredible amount of info in the course and it's brilliantly laid out, presented and taught.

The assignments were so important. You can watch videos and read manuals all you want, but using the info in a project is key. 

I'd certainly recommend the course to anyone. Just forget what you think you know and leave all egos at the door. This guy knows his stuff and knows how to teach.

Xave Ryan
Dubin, Ireland
John Doe UI/UX Designer

“I received more than my money's worth...”

“[Turbo-charge] is an excellent balance of information from beginner to advanced student and never over or under whelms a student. I really enjoyed the module on microphones. I've been in the music and A/V business for a very long time, yet there were things presented that I had no knowledge of and you really helped me to expand my creativity with that segment. And you are a wonderful teacher...even with material that might otherwise be very dry or boring. I received more than my money's worth in knowledge.

The very fact that you would share years of hard learned experience with us is still an amazing thing to me! A lot of professionals don't like or want to tell anyone else what their "secrets" are, but you just teach on man! What you do is elevate our whole music business to another exceptional level. Knowing you makes it worthwhile to keep on keeping on!

Michael Duell Sr.

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